Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good resources for trustees

Clearly if you are a trustee or considering becoming one you don't want to be overwhelmed by information but it is a good idea to know where to look if you want something clarifying or need further information. The three sources that I use most when I am supporting charities that I do my paid consultancy for or that I am on the board of are

** The Charity Commission Over the past ten years they have become much more approachable, their information is accessible and as they are the charity regulator we might ask, 'If they don't know then who else is going to?' (The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland).
** National Council for Voluntary Services (NCVO) and its sister site Get Legal which was set up to 'to enable organisations and their advisors to access clear information and guidance on the most appropriate legal form and governance structure for delivering their goals.; and
** Vol Resource This website looks a little old fashioned and a little tired but it is a mine of very helpful information.

The GA also has its own publication Help is at Hand which can be found here. The only problem with written material as opposed to web-based material is that it can go out of date and as this was written in 2007 it may be a good idea to check legal issues online to ensure that things have not changed.


  1. Another good resource is "Guidestar" the Charity Commission's information web site which has more information about the individual charities and also allows you to update your charity details online

  2. Thanks, Howard. Here's the web address for anyone who is interested - it appears that it is most useful in letting you know what charities there are rather than helping you find out how to run a charity. Louise x