Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unitarian Communication Co-ordinators Network weekend

Have just returned from the UCCN weekend. What a joy to be with people who are passionate about communicating and also competent and skilled at doing so.

James Barry showed us how to get to grips with poster making in the Friday afternoon session. On Friday evening Angela Maher (Birmingham New Meeting House) led us in a session on creating phantom friends - trying to imagine the sorts of people who might be attracted to us and how they would get their information and what sorts of activities they would like to get involved with. This was not only informative but fun. For the rest of the weekend we covered poster and publication creation (James Barry), radio interviews ((Rev) Bob Wightman)and writing press releases (Kate Taylor). We had two moving epilogues the first nights it was led by Lyanne Mitchell (Glasgow) and the second by Kath Forder. It is a lovely way to end a day.

On Sunday we heard the plans for next year - I will certainly be booking again. We will have sessions on developing a communications strategy, on further desk-top publishing and probably a session on the basics for those who have never done any. Can't remember anything else apart from our Friday evening speaker who will be Martin Gienke from Bury St Edmund's who will be talking about how they organised their 300th anniversary celebrations.

Much gratitude to them and to Diane Bennett, Joan and John Wilkinson and Tony McNeile for working so hard to make it happen. Apologies if I have forgotten anyone. And here's the link to the UCCN website.

You can find more details of what went on at the weekend on Adrian's Blog listed on the right of this page.

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