Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leycett - Kettering - Swansea -Kettering - Leycett

Am off to Swansea at the weekend for a flying visit to the Annual Meetings. It is also the national volleyball championships in Kettering and my daughter is in a final on Saturday afternoon and one on Sunday afternoon - so my visit will be very brief. I will be co-leading with Derek McAuley (GA Chief Officer) a workshop on Sunday on being a trustee - it's only lasting 40 minutes but it will give me a good feel of what the issues are for people so that I may, with a bit more knowledge, shape what I write here.

The blogosphere is an interesting place but, for me, nothing beats actually getting out and meeting people. It is also a bit easier to give people encouragement in person. Most trustees do a good enough job - support is about getting that up a notch. It can also, in a group, be about recognising that we are all in the same boat - which is usually comforting as long as we leave with enthusiasm for change and development.

I will also be writing a very brief summary of the session for the Inquirer.

Now I must get back to writing a communications strategy - I really would encourage you to have a go at writing a policy as it makes you think really hard about the issues.

And unless you are supporting another volleyball club, please send happy thoughts to Newcastle Staffs Volleyball Club for their matches at Kettering this weekend. Thanks!

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